Payment / Dispatch

§ 4. Returns 

Still being added shipping costs in addition to those specified product prices. For details on the amount of the shipping charges will be for those sites. Deliveries are usually included in the full package always. 

Free delivery from 100, - EUR per order in Germany. 

For our shipping Click here to shipping information by "DHL" and "German Post" including packaging. 


"Throw nationally registered" to a value of 25, - and weighing up to 500g costs 3.05 EUR = >>> Free delivery from 100, - EUR 

"Writing world" up to a value of 25, - and weighing up to 1000g = costs 5.50 EUR >>> Free delivery from 100, - EUR 200, - EUR Depending zone 

"DHL Paket national" up to a value of 500, - and weighing up to 10kg = costs 6.99 EUR >>> Free delivery from 140, - EUR 

"DHL package ZONE 1 (EU)" to a value of 500, - and weighing up to 5kg = costs 16.99 EUR >>> Free delivery from 150, - EUR 

"DHL package ZONE 2 (European countries outside the EU)" to a value of 500, - and weighing up to 5kg = costs 29.99 EUR >>> Free delivery from 160, - EUR 

"DHL package ZONE 3 (shipping worldwide)" up to a value of 500, - and weighing up to 5kg = costs 35.99 EUR >>> Free delivery from 170, - EUR 

"DHL package ZONE 4 (countries outside of Zone 1 to 3)" up to a value of 500, - and weighing up to 5kg = costs 42.99 EUR >>> Free delivery from 200, - EUR 


For our shipping Click here to Shipping Overview of "Hermes" inclusive package (only in Germany). 


Packet up to a value of 50, - and weighing up to 25kg = costs 4, - EUR >>> Free Shipping from 80, - EUR 

S package up to a value of 500, - and weighing up to 25kg = costs 4.90 EUR >>> Free shipping from 90, - EUR 

M package up to a value of 500, - and weighing up to 25kg = costs 6.70 EUR >>> Free shipping from 100, - EUR 

L-packet up to a value of 500, - and weighing up to 25kg = costs 10.90 EUR >>> Free delivery from 125, - EUR 


If the automated system even calculates an incorrect price, or refund, we raise the price to compensate for the correct price. 


§ 5. payment 

Payment is in advance, IMMEDIATELY transfer or PayPal. The total price of the order, including all fees after the contract is due for immediate payment. The operator of does not guarantee the function and accessibility of the third-party payment services (immediate transfer or PayPal). Invoices that were not paid within 14 days will be automatically canceled usually by the seller. There is in this case no separate notice to the Buyer. 

The payment process is developed by the elefunds GmbH elefunds donation plug-in that gives you the opportunity away from the payment amount rounded up an arbitrary amount as a donation. The rounding can be donated to the available organizations of your choice, where the amount is divided among the organizations receiving the donations evenly for multiple selection. For questions on the subject of donations in our shop please feel free to contact any time directly with the elefunds GmbH in connection: 


elefunds GmbH 

Beautifully Allee 124 

10437 Berlin 

Phone: +49 30 48 49 24 38 

Fax: +49 30 48 49 24 24 


With the activation of the elefunds plug-ins, you agree that the selected donation amount is added to your purchase price and as a separate item appears on the invoice. The donation does not include VAT .. The donation will be collected on behalf of the Foundation elefunds gUG which forwards the amount to 100% of the selected organizations. The present proof of purchase does not replace a donation receipt for the purposes of tax law. 


§ 5.1 Payment 

In advance which goods will be shipped only after payment is received. You transfer the invoice amount due on the invoice and give as the reason for the invoice number. This may be at an online bank transfer, depending on the bank, take 1-4 working days. 


IBAN: DE76 1005 0000 6012 9472 06 

Usage: invoice number 


§ 5.2 IMMEDIATELY Transfer 

You pay the invoice amount from the online provider IMMEDIATELY AG. The operator of the service immediately transfer that IMMEDIATELY AG The Payment Network, has concluded an insurance policy in your favor, replaced the losses incurred through misuse in accordance with the reproduced on this link insurance conditions. This allows you to be protected under the insurance from potential liability risks. In this connection, we point out that there are many banks and savings banks, which assume that the use of the service "Instant Transfer" due to the use of your PIN and TAN leads to a shift liability for any misuse by third parties. This can lead to abuse in case your bank refuses to accept the loss and as a result you have to bear the loss. It is noted however, that it has so far with the service "Instant Transfer" failed to produce any abuses (TÜV-certified online payment system). Moreover, there is the above mentioned insurance. 

§ 5.3 PayPal 

You pay the invoice amount from the online provider PayPal. You must be registered and verified in principle there or to register and verify only legitimize your access and payment instruction to us to confirm (except possibly guest access). For more information please contact the ordering process. For a PayPal payment will only be shipped to the shipping address was provided by PayPal to protect them. 



§ 6. pickup 

We only deliver in the transport route. A collection of the goods is in principle not possible. The buyer is only entitled to collect the items purchased under the Tropic Media, unless specifically determined on the supply side and a date has been agreed with the customer service via phone or email. 


§ 7. Retention of title 

The goods remain our property until full payment.

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